Latest news from HSE shows a fall in farm fatalities

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The latest results in agriculture, forestry and fishing show:

  • 29 fatal injuries to workers, the average over the previous five years was 36. Almost half as many workers were killed in 2012/13p as in 1981 (54), but the average worker fatality rate, over the last five years, is much higher than in any other industry section (RIDDOR);
  • Almost half (41%) of the workers who were fatally injured were farmers; another 17% were farm workers;
  • Seven fatal injuries to members of the public – the average over the previous five years was five;
  • Major injury rates and numbers have not changed significantly over the last three years. The proportion of injuries actually reported in agriculture is low, so it is difficult to draw any meaningful conclusions about trends.

(Source and further information:  HSE – Agriculture )