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Information Technology and Computer Training

Computer and IT  training are an ever changing area of development. Based in East Anglia we can provide  local computer training from standard Microsoft Windows/ Office products through to understanding Social Media/ Graphics and Cloud based storage and collaboration.  We now operate a number of websites  for  clients as a discrete  service.

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Microsoft  Office Training

ms office programs

While we   would  like to supply all your  training requirements the internet  can help too.

To understand the basics of  MS Office  follow this link for free access  

We are  happy to  take it  from their with ideas on how  to  make these  programs  work for you and your  business

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Social  Media  and Business


Is everyone really using Facebook and Tweeting all day long.  Find out  how and more importantly if you need  to be  uploading video and tweeting  to help your  business.  Our short presentation is  designed to  split myth from fact .

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